5 Diet Plans for Beginners

For anything new you start, there are bound to be few challenges especially when it has to reoccur severally. A diet plan for someone doing it for the first time is no different. However, we are going to look at an easy guide that will not only start you off but will be enjoyable to keep track.

Make small but gradual changes

To be honest, change can be hard. You can kick start your plan by once each week to help accustom to new behavior since you want the process to be sustainable. Start by ensuring only healthy foods are in your cupboards and refrigerator then proceed to implement your plan.

Do the math

In his 3 week diet plan pdf free download, Brian Flatt states that there's need to calculate some proteins and fats you would need every day as you start off the diet plan. It helps in maintaining your lean body mass while you burn fats.

Set achievable goals

The temptation to set lofty goals can be real which will overwhelm you and make the process unattainable. However, it's important to stick to slow but steady wins to ensure you lose the recommended weight of 1-2 pound each week.

Create a weekly eat

Grab a pen and a paper and write the meals you want to plan for each day of the week. It will help you stick to the course.

Team up

As previously stated, the journey can be overwhelming so whenever possible, get someone who will walk you through the process and remind you of the plans.