How Does Bamboo Period Underwear Work?

If there is one thing that annoys women the most, it's their period. You can't avoid it and once it starts, you will be dealing with it for a large part of your lifetime. Women don't like it, but there it is. It can interfere with your life for up to week or more every month! For young girls having their first periods, it can be a very unsettling time. Going to school or social events can become nightmarish with worry about leaking through their clothes. It has been a huge source of embarrassment for many young ladies.

One of the best gifts a mom can give her daughter are period panties. These panties are super absorbent and leak proof. They have special lining that contain any leakage that might seep out from a sanitary pad or tampon. Period panties made with bamboo fabric have become especially popular because of their incredible absorbency as well as the supple softness of the fabric.

Visit sites like to get even more information about how these incredible underwear are made and how well they really work. As mothers, we try to give our daughters all of the confidence they need to face what can be a difficult world for them. Knowing that they are at least safe from embarrassing leaking from their period is just one worry we can help alleviate for them and ourselves!