Must Have iPhone Apps for the Realtor

More often, the realtor is constantly on the run and not spending much time in the office and that’s why it is a fantastic idea for a realtor to own an iPhone and with that iPhone you can find some great apps that may make your wonder what took you so long to get them in the first location. There are a few helpful ones especially ones that you can use while on the run.

There are well over 75,000 apps available at the iTunes store where you could sell and buy apps but the above are only a handful that needs to be extremely beneficial for the realtor.

A great one for any realtor is one which makes you seem super intelligent to anybody that might come up to ask you about real estate. The Close Purchase app is one that’ll be able to explain to you just how much the home is down the street.

That is a familiar question whenever someone finds out you’re a realtor and want to understand a cost for a home that normally you would not have an immediate answer for. Talk about looking smart!  People sell and buy apps to the realtors for money.

About Me is a great way to attempt to influence your buyers into seriously look at purchasing a home.

This is a very easy to use and accurate app that can appear all the current listings of homes and give the agent all the information that a buyer may want to learn about a house when it comes to the features of the home as well as the cost.

Even though you could be attempting to sell a home it never hurts to have rental information. This way you will have information about the purchase price of a rental that might be like a home up for sale and show the buyer the price differences and the reason why they could be better off purchasing. Check out some general FAqs about apps at

Evernote is utilized by plenty of different individuals so why don’t the active realtor? This program is a great way to not just organize notes and reminders. however, it can also be utilized to send photographs and voice commands in PDF files that could be the opened on a laptop or desk top.